Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hollywood-style Voices for Movie Making Purposes

Hollywood-style Voices for Movie Making Purposes
Are you ready to produce top-class movie products in your own style? As Voice Changer Review have mentioned in previous articles, voice changer software is not only a perfect tool for changing voice, but also suitable for movie making projects. 

Besides having the basic change-male-to-female-voice, this program also features a wide range of fabulous voice modules offering you the ability to imitate celebrities'voices or movie characters' voices. Here are several voice samples of famous movie characters morphed by the help of voice changer software tools.

>> Optimus Prime (from Transformers movie)

>> Minion (from Despicable Me movie)

>> Darth Vader (from The Star Wars movie)

>> JigSaw (from Saw movie)

>> Joker (from Batman movie)

>> Horror background sound

>> Howl-like crying background sound

>> Funny pig sound

Now, it's your turn! Let's create the most unique, creative masterpieces using this effective voice changer software and show everyone your talent.

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