Sunday, May 11, 2014

Change Voice from Male to Female?!

Change Voice from Male to Female?!
Change from male to female voice professionally
Imagine what would your pal react if you place a prank call on him ... in charming female voice?

Voice Changer Software Diamond is the most effective tool allowing you to make your voice sound like anyone you like. Today, Voice Changer Coupon Review will show to how to turn your masculine voice into girly one, in order to confuse the hell out of your friends or opponents. And also, don't miss HUGE DISCOUNT exclusively for Voice Changer Coupon Review readers.

Here we go:

Step 1: Get started!

Turn on your Voice Changer Software Diamond

Step 2: Select a female voice

On the main right panel, click on Nickvoice (1) menu.

On Nickvoice drop-down list, hover your mouse to Male Voice To (2) and choose a female voice you want to change to. (For instance, I will choose School Girl as my voice target)

Now, Voice Morpher graph has been automatically changed to the right parameters. The cursor is now positioned at Timbre level of 111% and Pitch level of 141% (4).

Say anything to your installed microphone and you will immediately hear the result. 

Step 3: Improve your voice output using advanced modules

For the most natural result, you can polish your current output by using the advanced Equalizer, Sound Quality, Voice Equalizer, and/or Vowel Enhancer of Voice Changer Software Diamond (5).

Voice Morpher graph, Equalizer, Sound Quality, Voice Equalizer and Vowel Enhancer are the most powerful and professional audio modules of a voice changing software program. You can read this article for more information about their unique combination in AV Voice Changer Diamond version 8.0.

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