Saturday, February 1, 2014

Awesome Prank Call Ideas for Your Endless Fun

Awesome prank call ideas
Who's that???
With a little creativity, enthusiasm and the help of a good voice changer software, you can completely fool your friends around. One thing for sure, you guys will have wonderful time laughing hard because of those cool jokes.

Here are some good suggestions I've already done to my pals and yes...they went blank facing such weird situations! LOL

  • Scenario 1:

It's an honor to get a phone call from the president of the United States, even if he's talking smack about your mother. Whether your friend's a devout liberal or staunch conservative, they'll get a kick out of these Barack Obama quotables.

  • Scenario 2:

Know any Star Wars fans? They'll stop what they're doing the second they hear the iconic heavy breathing into their phone… is it REALLY Darth Vader? Of course it is.

  • Scenario 3:

Most people would rather eat toothpaste for breakfast than talk to a kid on the phone, especially THIS kid. If you have a friend who isn't all that fond of the tiny, squeaky generation, send this mother trucking toddler his way.

  • Scenario 4:

The government has shutdown and your friend's local representative is using tax money as a personal piggy bank!

  • Scenario 5:

Winning a free iPad usually sounds too good to be true, and that's definitely the case with this prank radio call. Your friend may feel confident as he answers these simple and silly questions, but that won't last for long!

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