Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Best Voice Changer Software For Your PC

Capture, modify your voice and manipulate the way it sounds

Voice changer software has been reviewed and certified as a professional voice changing tool and it's definitely worth your try. With this tool, you can make your voice sound masculine, feminine, childish, robotic, scary and more. Let's check out the main features which makes AV Voice Changer stand out from other relevant voice changer software.

RNew brilliant Smartphone-like interface

Voice Changer Software Diamond features a cool look with 2 main panels. This latest version has 2 main skin colors: 
Blue skin inspires you with professional, cool feeling.
- Pink one shows a softer and more playful aspect. 

Additionally, two main panels including "Remote" module on the left, "Main Function" module on the right are also new additions in order to help you easily control and monitor every single activity.

RUnique parabolic voice morpher graph

The latest Voice Changer Software Diamond introduces to user a superb voice changing algorithm with curved line graph bringing a completely refreshing feeling. 

With hundreds of propeller shapes having various areas, every arching set point offers the ability to change your voice tone more smoothly and flexibly in real time.

RNumerous ready-to-use "nickvoice" options for specific purposes

For creative users, this voice changer definitely is the tool-of-smart-choice. With up to 50 different vivid "nickvoices", Voice Changer Software Diamond offers you a wide ranges of options for changing voice, including "nickvoices" for movie making purposes. 

Audio masterpieces are only one click away with these ready-to-use built-in "nickvoices"

RPowerful Five setting combination

  • Sound Quality module to limit the permissible value of the processed signal amplitude and reduce all the background noises for the clearest output
  • Voice Equalizer module to set a wide variety of voice color regardless of the source signal
  • Vowel Enhancer to change an amount of harmonics to fix out-of-tune notes or change key of singing voice without affecting timbre and pitch, and the full.
  • 10-slider Equalizer to control the strength of the sound quality with a host of presets for easy and instant selection.

The best thing is that you don't have to go through many steps to complete this editing process because these advanced voice settings are now available in one panel only. Morphing is far easier now, right?!

Voice Changer Software Diamond is compatible with many popular Instant Messengers, VoIP applications and most in-game voice chat systems, therefore this tool is the best choice for every online and offline voice changing activities on your PC.

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