Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cool Celebrity Voice With Advanced Voice Changer

Want to mimic world star' voice using voice changer software?

Once having a voice changing tool in your hand, you can imitate anyone's voice. From popular singers like Beyoncé, Justin Bierber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift; famous politicians such as US president Barack Obama, George W. Bush, or even popular TV show stars and blockbuster movie characters you've ever seen.

Voice Comparator in voice changer can easily help you make it reality!

Cool Celebrity Voice With Advanced Voice Changer
Voice Comparator of voice changer software
✡ Step 1: Import your target voice. For example: you want to sound like Lady Gaga, Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Sparrow...
✡ Step 2: Type what they say in the Phrase textbox. Then save it!
✡ Step 3: Start recording your voice with a high quality microphone. (Make sure your voice is loud and clear enough to be recognized by the microphone)
✡ Step 4: Compare the similarity between these 2 voices and see if you need to make further adjustments to get the best output voice.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: Voice Changer Software Programs - UP TO 40%

Happy Thanksgiving! 

No matter what is your plan for Thanksgiving celebration, it's essential to add some cool, unique music to get your friends and family into the grateful gratitude easily. These creative products can be also one of the most meaningful gifts your loved ones have ever had so far.

From Nov 20 thru Dec 03, 2014, you can own one of the professional AV Voice Changer Software product lines at great discounts - 30% OFF!

Thanksgiving 2014: Voice Changer Software Programs - UP TO 40%



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Monday, September 29, 2014

Get A Professional Voiceovers Tool At 30% Discount

Make your voice sound like famous celebrities, change actors' voices, add cool special effects to produce outstanding movie clips. Everything is possible with the best AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0

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Get its latest version 8.0 to bring Hollywood much closer to your imagination!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aye! Let's Set Sails, Mateys!

Ahoy! Cap't,

International Talk like a Pirate day is coming! Ye be ready to sail the seas?

Me hearties, let's go back to the classic 18th century to talk and act like legendary pirate purely for fun on this int'l day. And, batten down the hatches, because what is happening next will definitely blow you down!
It's time to show yer “Pirattitude”!

  How to speak like a pirate?

Get the best voice changer for your PC - AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 to own not only one pirate voice but also thousands of other voices. Yer desire to become a Jack Sparrow or Long John Silver in the 'cybersea' is about to come true.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Add A Little "Cool" In Your "Back To School"


Summer is about to end! It's always good to be back to school and tell your pals what happened to you, where did you go during the sizzling summer. So, what have you got to show your friends?

  • Produce summer remixes in your own style
  • Morph and create unique ringtones for your cellphone
  • Capture all memorial moments of your summer and morph with special effects
  • Create "My summer story" in video or audio collection type.
  • .....

[30% OFF] AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND 8.0
Main features: Smartphone-like interface, real-time audio morphing; voice changer for online chatting, role-playing games; audio recording; voice-over; voice dubbing, batch file morpher, touchscreen technology on PC, etc. 

[25% OFF] AV Voice Changer Software GOLD 7.0
Main features: premium gold interface, real-time audio morphing; voice changer for online chatting, role-playing games; audio recording; voice-over; voice dubbing, etc.

[20% OFF] AV Voice Changer Software 7.0
Main features: Intuitive and friendly user interface, real-time audio morphing; voice changer for online chatting, role-playing games; audio recording; voice-over; voice dubbing, etc.

[20% OFF] AV VoizGame
Main features: Easy-to-use interface, real-time voice changer for all in-game voice chat systems, etc.

So don't waste your time any longer! Isn't it cool to have more artistic achievements to "boast" with your friends on the day back to school?!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Easily Imitate Celebrity Voices With Voice Changer Software

Imitate Celebrity Voices With Voice Changer Software

*** Unique - Smooth - Professional! ***

Voice morphing tool not only allows you to change your voice to animals, kids, male to female and vice versa, this program also brings you a wide range of professional voice setting modules that have the ability to adjust tempo and/or speed, apply effects, and even... test how similar your voice is to your "wannabe" voice. This means, if you are having the a desire to talk or sing just like your favorite Hollywood characters or famous celebrities, Voice Changer Software is your tool-of-choice.

Voice changer software especially features an advanced Voice Comparator which offers you the ability to compare how similar your voice is to your desired voice output and suggests the best morphing settings to make your voice sound exactly the same. All you need are a sample audio voice serving as your target voice, a voice changer and a good microphone.

Imitate Celebrity Voices With Voice Changer Software
Voice Comparator window

 *** HOW IT WORKS? ***

Voice Comparator mainly works on these 4 steps:

  • Firstly, it receive your target voice. It can be a sample voice of Justin Bierber, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, President Barack Obama, Darth Vader, Yoda, ...
  • In the Phrase text box, type what you are going to say. Then, click Save to save the text.
  • In the next step, install a good quality microphone on your computer and start recording your voice. It is highly recommended that you should do this step in a quiet room and do your best in imitating the target voice. Also, make sure your voice is loud and clear enough to be recognized by the microphone.
  • And lastly, compare the similarity between these 2 voices and see if you need to make further adjustments to get the best output voice.

That's it! You now can easily imitate the voice of your idol effectively in just a few steps thanks to this cool module. Now it's your turn!


Still wondering what to do with your "celebrity voice"? Here are some tips for you:

  • Do voice-overs for a video clip in chipmunk voice.
  • Sing one of Justin Bierber's song in.... Darth Vader voice.
  • Make attractive narrations in Morgan Freeman's voice.
  • Place a prank call to your annoying neighbor in a policeman voice.
  • Fool your best buddy out with charming, sexy female voice call.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hollywood-style Voices for Movie Making Purposes

Hollywood-style Voices for Movie Making Purposes
Are you ready to produce top-class movie products in your own style? As Voice Changer Review have mentioned in previous articles, voice changer software is not only a perfect tool for changing voice, but also suitable for movie making projects. 

Besides having the basic change-male-to-female-voice, this program also features a wide range of fabulous voice modules offering you the ability to imitate celebrities'voices or movie characters' voices. Here are several voice samples of famous movie characters morphed by the help of voice changer software tools.

>> Optimus Prime (from Transformers movie)

>> Minion (from Despicable Me movie)

>> Darth Vader (from The Star Wars movie)

>> JigSaw (from Saw movie)

>> Joker (from Batman movie)

>> Horror background sound

>> Howl-like crying background sound

>> Funny pig sound

Now, it's your turn! Let's create the most unique, creative masterpieces using this effective voice changer software and show everyone your talent.

P/s: Share with me cause I would love to be the first who vote for you! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Change Voice from Male to Female?!

Change Voice from Male to Female?!
Change from male to female voice professionally
Imagine what would your pal react if you place a prank call on him ... in charming female voice?

Voice Changer Software Diamond is the most effective tool allowing you to make your voice sound like anyone you like. Today, Voice Changer Coupon Review will show to how to turn your masculine voice into girly one, in order to confuse the hell out of your friends or opponents. And also, don't miss HUGE DISCOUNT exclusively for Voice Changer Coupon Review readers.

Here we go:

Step 1: Get started!

Turn on your Voice Changer Software Diamond

Step 2: Select a female voice

On the main right panel, click on Nickvoice (1) menu.

On Nickvoice drop-down list, hover your mouse to Male Voice To (2) and choose a female voice you want to change to. (For instance, I will choose School Girl as my voice target)

Now, Voice Morpher graph has been automatically changed to the right parameters. The cursor is now positioned at Timbre level of 111% and Pitch level of 141% (4).

Say anything to your installed microphone and you will immediately hear the result. 

Step 3: Improve your voice output using advanced modules

For the most natural result, you can polish your current output by using the advanced Equalizer, Sound Quality, Voice Equalizer, and/or Vowel Enhancer of Voice Changer Software Diamond (5).

Voice Morpher graph, Equalizer, Sound Quality, Voice Equalizer and Vowel Enhancer are the most powerful and professional audio modules of a voice changing software program. You can read this article for more information about their unique combination in AV Voice Changer Diamond version 8.0.

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*** HUGE OFFER ***
30% OFF AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0. Grab this professional tool for both entertainment and professional purposes now!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Get Ready to Shout Out "April Fools"!

Get Ready to Shout Out "April Fools"!
April 1 is right around the corner which means one thing – April Fools' Day! Now is the time to start planning your April Fools’ Day prank! No foolin’ here! 

 How many 'victims' have you got in your 'foolishness' list so far? If you are so ready for a "sudden attack", we have interesting ideas for you: 

Get Ready to Shout Out "April Fools"!
  • Make your voice sound like a boss and call to inform your friends that... they're fired.  
  • Create the scary voice of and strange man and send them threatening voice messages. 
  • Morph their favorite songs into creepy ones that can make them have goosebumps while listening to it. 
  • Speak attractively like celebrities or any famous movie characters (Darth Vader, Jack Sparow, ...) and drive your target completely insane. 
  • And many more awesome prank call ideas for you.

Any funny or crazy ideas can be easily achieve with the best voice changer software which is exclusively being offered at 30% OFF, only at Voice Changer Review Coupon. Seriously, this is no joke!

Claim your 30% OFF coupon today and be prepared to gift your friend an unforgettable April Fools ever!

P/s: Make sure it doesn’t harm, humiliate or embarrass your target. These jokes are meant to be funny, clever and creative, not mean-spirited or harmful! It’s also a good idea to make sure the “April Fool” has a good sense of humor.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Real-time Voice Changer Programs (Up to 30% OFF)

*** Voice changer software abilities ***

- Change voice  while calling via VoIP applications and Instant Messaging clients.
- Do voice-overs and voice dubbing.
- Make funny clips with special movie effects, sounds.
- Produce professional audio voice for movie making purposes.
- Change voice while attending E-conference.
- Change voice while singing.
- Create creative voice mails, e-greeting cards, ...
- And many more.

*** Why AV Voice Changer Software? ***

- Professional yet friendly user interface.
- Smartphone-like design (Diamond version only) 
- Unique AV Virtual Audio Driver allowing you to change voice in real-time chatting.
- 2-Dimensional voice changing (Timbre & Pitch).
- Hundreds of customizable preset voices - "nickvoices" - available in just 1 click!
- Long list of movie-style sound effects (including ~200 different effects).
- Up to 50 animal voices.
Voice Analyzer: self voice improvement at home with 4 fundamental voice characteristics: Harmony, Brightness, Pitch and Score.
- Voice Comparator: analyze and compare your voice with your target voice, then suggest the most similar voice settings in order to help you achieve it shortly.
- And many outstanding features.

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1. BASIC (20% OFF)
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3. DIAMOND (30% OFF)
>> Audio4fun's price: $99.95
>> VCRC price:  $69.97

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Romantic Valentine's Day Message for Your Sweetheart

Romantic Valentine's Day Message for Your Sweetheart
The sweetest messages from your heart
Love is in the air as it is Valentine’s Day. Now who wouldn't be familiar with this great day meant for sharing love gestures? Couples desperately wait for 14th February to express their feelings to their partners. Today, Voice Changer Review Coupon is bringing you this tutorial in order to guide you on how to create a romantic message for your better half on this special V-Day. 

*** Requirement:
- A message script.
- Installation requirement: 



- Firstly, you will record you voice using Voice Recorder module from Voice Changer Diamond, then play it to listen to the result. While listening you can change your voice tone by the help of Voice Morpher graph, which allows you to modify and control Timbre and Pitch effectively.
*Note: in this step, you can record as many recordings as you want, they can be recorded in different, unique voices.

- In File Morpher module, you can add multiple tracks recorded and apply the rich, vivid sound/background effects to polish your messages.

- Finally, you will join these heartfelt messages using Music Morpher Gold - Editor tab. In this step, you still can still modify the tracks by applying special built-in effects from this tool to make your output more interesting. 
Click here for some romantic background effects.

That's so easy, right?!
Now, expressing your love is quite easier, as you can send your love the deepest feelings you've never ever told him/her before. Let's make this Valentine's Day the most precious as well as get ready for a new love journey ahead.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Awesome Prank Call Ideas for Your Endless Fun

Awesome prank call ideas
Who's that???
With a little creativity, enthusiasm and the help of a good voice changer software, you can completely fool your friends around. One thing for sure, you guys will have wonderful time laughing hard because of those cool jokes.

Here are some good suggestions I've already done to my pals and yes...they went blank facing such weird situations! LOL

  • Scenario 1:

It's an honor to get a phone call from the president of the United States, even if he's talking smack about your mother. Whether your friend's a devout liberal or staunch conservative, they'll get a kick out of these Barack Obama quotables.

  • Scenario 2:

Know any Star Wars fans? They'll stop what they're doing the second they hear the iconic heavy breathing into their phone… is it REALLY Darth Vader? Of course it is.

  • Scenario 3:

Most people would rather eat toothpaste for breakfast than talk to a kid on the phone, especially THIS kid. If you have a friend who isn't all that fond of the tiny, squeaky generation, send this mother trucking toddler his way.

  • Scenario 4:

The government has shutdown and your friend's local representative is using tax money as a personal piggy bank!

  • Scenario 5:

Winning a free iPad usually sounds too good to be true, and that's definitely the case with this prank radio call. Your friend may feel confident as he answers these simple and silly questions, but that won't last for long!

You can find more interesting voices which are always ready for use from the best voice changer - Voice Changer Software Diamond. OR, you can creatively create unique voice your friends have never heard before, your pranks would definitely be finnier than ever!

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 40% OFF Voice Changer Software